How do I set up my TransitBox?

While TransitBox is designed to operate in challenging environments, we recommend installing it in locations with good airflow, rather than enclosed spaces where it might overheat.

In order to install your TransitBox, you’ll need to:

Once all those are plugged in, TransitScreen will come up automatically.

What size TV should I get for my TransitScreen?

The bigger the better! This helps ensure that the real time arrival data is easy to read for building residents/tenants/employees!  If you already have a TV mounted at your property, our TransitBox can be connected to any HDMI television, but we typically suggest that your tv is 50”+.

Where should I install my TransitScreen?

It's really up to you! But since you asked, we would recommend you put your TransitScreen where it will be most useful: where transportation decisions are made. This means somewhere with abundant foot traffic — a main lobby or near the elevators, for example — with standing space available.

As far as the size requirements of the display, we would recommend at least a 50" screen in order to ensure maximum readability. This should be mounted 6 feet off the floor at eye level.